Twice as many guests from Western Europe in May

May 2019 is one of the most successful months for tourism in Azerbaijan.

The increase in the number of travelers is observed for almost all countries/regions: Azerbaijan was visited by 246 thousand or 18% more foreign visitors, compared to the same month of the last year.

The largest shares of this increase fell on Russia (11 thou.), Georgia (10 thou.) and Western Europe (8.9 thou.); the latter, leaving behind other countries characteristic of Azerbaijan’s tourism, was noted with an impressive two-fold increase (102%).

This figure is most likely a consequence of the flow of football fans to Baku for the UEFA Cup final on May 29th: about 7600 British travelers are an increase of 230%, 2700 German and 1400 Italian travelers correspond increases of 58% and 37%, respectively.

There is also a substantial increase in the number of foreign travelers from Central Asian countries (58% or 4 thou.). As shown in Figure 1, the increases in visitors from Turkey, South Asia and Iran are 9%, 10% and 12%, respectively. Only the number of travelers from the Middle East is decreasing, this decrease being observed for almost all Middle Eastern countries with the exception of Israel which was in May the largest market in the Middle East with 4.7 thousand travelers and a growth of 40%. 

Number of tourists in September 2019

The number of tourists visiting Azerbaijan in September 2019 amounted to almost 280 thousand people

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