Cheap travel in Baku

Baku is a city where you can find entertainment for every taste and pocket. In this article we will tell you how you can save money while traveling in Baku. Cheap doesn't mean bad.

First of all, before traveling, you need to choose a place to sleep. The cheapest option is to stay in a hostel. Prices start at $ 3 per night per person. Such a price for their services offer 5-6 hostels.

After you found yourself an overnight stay, it would be nice to eat something. There is a choice: either eat in an inexpensive cafe or restaurant, or go to the local market for groceries.

Let's start with cafes and restaurants. If you want to eat cheap but tasty, then go away from the center. In the basement cafes with separate rooms, you can order kebab, kebab for 1.5-2 manats ($ 1-1.2) per skewer. Breakfast costs from $ 1.2, a burger at Mcdonalds costs 1.6 manat ($ 1), a cheeseburger at KFC 2.9 manat ($ 1.7). In general, a dinner for one person in an average restaurant will cost you 10-15 manats ($ 6-9).

When you go to the local market, you have a variety in terms of cooking various dishes. The cheapest way is to buy at ongoing fairs, where collective farmers sell their products, not resellers. But it happens very rarely and as a rule they are opened far from the city center. The closest market to the center is Təzə Bazar, it is located on Samed Vurgun Street, Yaşıl Bazarı and Şərq Bazarı on Khatai Avenue. Here you can buy fruits, vegetables, fish, meat and other products at prices below the store ones.

When walking around the city, you can use a bicycle instead of the usual transport. This will help you explore the city and positively affect your health. There are many companies that offer their services in an hour or per diem. The lowest price for a daily bike rental is 10 manat ($ 6) from VELO SALON. If you just want to ride a couple of hours around the city or the seaside park, then an hour will cost you 2 manats ($ 1.2).

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