Mistakes of novice tourists

Of course you are excited. Soon you will go on your first trip abroad, and this is an amazing feeling.

But it is also a frightening feeling. What will you find outside your country? What are you going to do there? How much money will you spend?

It is inevitable that you make mistakes on your first trip, just like you make mistakes in any other aspect of life.

  1. Put together your entire wardrobe

According to the old rule, you have to unpack everything you want to pack, and then divide it in half. You will inevitably begin negotiations with yourself and ultimately consider the need to take your entire wardrobe with you.

Before you start packing, you need to prepare a plan and create a checklist. If there is clothing to be ironed, do not take it. To do this, you only need three pairs of shoes - slippers or sandals, a pair of formal shoes and comfortable shoes. It is always better to feel comfortable while traveling.

  1. Not enough money

Many people underestimate how much travel can cost, especially when planning a flight budget and travel insurance. Find out how much you can spend per month in the country you are traveling to?

The worst thing you can do is spend money quickly and suddenly realize that you are running out of money — worrying about money will ruin your trip.

  1. A large number of plans

This is a tempting opportunity to book everything on this first difficult journey - every hostel, every trip, every breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, you will soon realize that you need to have some flexibility when traveling. Also, leave space for changing the route and take advantage of the moments as soon as they appear.

  1. Do not include individual expenses

Imagine how much you can save on transportation, accommodation and food.

Do not pay $ 30 for a taxi at the airport if you have the opportunity to pay $ 7 using public transport.

The same applies to the place of residence. Are you sure you want to book a hotel for $ 100 when you have a good hostel for $ 10?

  1. Become victims of fraud

However, there are scammers in every country, and naive newcomers are the easiest target for them. You may be fooled on your first trip. And the second one. And in the third. There is no particular way to avoid this - we often have to deal with professionals who have been doing this all their lives.

  1. Use the services of a travel agency for the entire vacation package

Despite the fact that it is now easy to book an entire trip online, the desire to have insurance represented by a travel agency is understood. This does not mean, however, that you should use them for everything. Book your airline ticket and overnight. But you will usually save money if you take care of the rest yourself.

  1. Afraid of meeting new people

The vast majority of residents do not want to deceive you. From time to time you can trust them - you will have more friends.

  1. Trying to see everything in one trip

That's why group tours are popular, so people buy things like “seven countries in 12 days” and think it’s good. This is your big trip abroad and you want to see as much as possible. But this is a mistake. You must believe that you can travel again. Stop, get to know one or two countries, and your appetite will grow with food.

  1. Make too many purchases

This is a tempting opportunity to enter one of the tourist shops and just drown in shopping. You can spend hundreds or thousands by buying things like special vacuum cups, a mesh for wrapping a backpack, hiking shoes. But you do not need it.

  1. Take too many books with them

There is no doubt that travel guides are one of the best sources of tourist information. However, they can be heavy and rather bulky. The same applies to novels and magazines. Well, it's time for e-books. Such devices provide entertainment on the go and can make the trip enjoyable.

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