Autumn in Azerbaijan

Autumn in Azerbaijan surprises and delights all foreign guests visiting our country between September – November. Forests, parks, gardens and sea begin to change color in late October which makes the sightseeing even more incredible.

When you’re in Baku in autumn, you needn’t worry about the weather as it’s a beautiful experience for those who love the gifts of Mother Nature. You’ll be amazed by the taste of pomegranates and persimmons. Autumn is the time when fruits ripen with their tasty juicy offerings.

Every year, foreign tourists visit Sheki at the end of the year to witness unique equestrian competitions and events. One of them is popular Chovgan – an ancient Azerbaijani version of polo. This event is very popular in north Azerbaijan. LETS GO would be pleased to assist you to get there without any difficulties.

As for the capital, for leisure time in autumn, Baku is popular for the Seaside Boulevard where you’ll find dozens of exotic plants brought from different parts of the world. One of them is baobabs from Argentina which is over 150 years old. You’ll also be amazed by the old olive trees and pals. You can also enjoy your time in cafes, restaurants located in the Boulevard.

Moreover, if you visit Baku in September, you’ll be just on time for the Baku International Jazz Festival which is held annually in the capital. Famous jazz musicians participate in the Festival and it’s always full of audience. Performances within the Festival are held in the Baku Jazz center, International Mugham center, Heydar Aliyev palace and in Baku Philharmonic Hall.

Another good reason to visit Azerbaijan in autumn is Pomegranate Festival which is also held annually late October, early November in Goychay. Pomegranate which is a source of vitamin and good health is considered king of fruits in the country. The Festival attracts large number of visitors from all over Azerbaijan and foreign countries. The charm of this Festival is that guests can try freshly squeezed juices, fruits, desserts prepared from the pomegranate. During the Festival you’ll also see performances of various Azerbaijani artists.

As a hotel choice, Goychay offers many hotel options with great conditions. The best option would be Chinar hotel location of which makes easier for you to reach.

Another vitamin bomb fruit we’re famous for is Feijoa. Spread in southern region Masalli and Lankaran, the taste of Feijoa will remind you of pineapple, banana and strawberry. If you want to defeat diseases and boost your health, you should definitely try feijoa in autumn while visiting Azerbaijan.

It's a real pleasure to spend autumn in Azerbaijan! Book your car and leave everything to LETS Go team. We’ll make your autumn experience even more extraordinary!

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